Thursday, 8 December 2011

Day 1  

So this is day one of my Blog! I'm Pretty excited about the concept of telling everyone about my day and reminding myself what happened through the week. 
So here's abit about myself, I'm 27 and working full time but at the same time enjoying most girly things like shopping, music , make up, bargain.
So day 1 began with hurricane BAWBAG visiting hell yeah!!! What a name us scots make everything a joke!! I suppose if we were serious then who know what would happened. 
I got up at 08.00 today i have been working 3 days straight 12 hrs shifts which is hard going so was pretty tired.  Had my beauty treatments so im ready for out work night out on sat!! Looking forward to trying out my Bertie shoes... have you heard of this range! They are great shoes feel comfortable on and can wait to try them out ill let you know the score after sat.

After my beauty treatments Hurricane BAWBAG was rearing its ugly head to i decided i better get home quick.  So when i got home i lighted my candle which i have to say was a total bargain.....Yankee candle.....£20.00 or so i got mine from TKmax for £6.00 same fragrance and it smells amazing! so head to TK max!!!!!
Well 15.00pm came and hurricane BAWBAG was in full swing i think it was pretty windy although my sky was still working and we had no power cuts to was it really that bad???????

Well i think that's it for my first blog!
I'm working tomorrow again another 12 hr shift so i better go get ready for a early night